Quick Stir Fry Recipe

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This Quick Stir Fry Recipe can be ready to serve in just minutes, really, once you have your ingredients set up and ready to go. One of the tricks of making a good stir fry is ensuring that the vegetables are all cooked, but neither over nor under cooked. And that can be tricky. One way to do that is to chop the veggies up. The recipe on the website, Moms Dish, illustrates how this is done. It also means that the final dish is really attractive and looks rather more authentic. Serve this quick and easy dish over rice, and if you have the time, make it brown rice, which will complement the robust beef flavor nicely.

A quick stir fry recipe may seem like a misnomer when stir fry is so quick under any conditions. But this recipe makes it even simpler by suggesting that you use a pre-prepared sauce, whether it is a sweet and sour or other (teriyaki, possibly) sauce to season this dish. Then you just add the seasoning when it is appropriate in the recipe, rather than having to chop and add ingredients for flavor as well as the vegetables and meat. So that means this dish is a great starter recipe for young cooks aspiring to learn more about the culinary arts.

Stir fries, especially if you make them with low salt options, are often a really well balanced meal. Here, plenty of vegetables, and good ones like broccoli and carrots, bump up the nutrition of this dish. And almost every one enjoys both of these veggies. The meat is a great choice, and quick to cook, offering plenty of protein, iron and B12. Finally, serving this dish over rice adds more protein and lots of fiber. So try out this dish when you are in a rush and cannot think of what to make for supper.

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