Raised Beds

Photo Credit: Bonnie Plants

Raised beds are becoming really popular these days! They make for an awesome way to do gardening, especially if you have back or knee issues and you can't be bent over or kneeling on the ground too much. They would be awesome for all sorts of plants, ranging from flowers to vegetable crops, so you could grow your own vegetables. They would require minimal weeding because the plants would be in such a close space together that there might not be enough room for any weeds at all! That would be something everyone would like. The other great thing is that you could use all fresh soil and have a garden all from scratch. You could get the best quality soil you could find and use it for your garden beds!

It's so wonderful to see people of all ages getting back into gardening, especially to grow their own food! Growing your own food is such an amazing experience, you get to see the fruits of your labor grow from seeds or seedlings and then you can enjoy them for nourishing your body! This was how people lived not too long ago in fact. People had gardens of flowers and vegetables because they needed to grow their own food. There weren't any grocery stores 100 years ago and just a few markets, so if you wanted something and had to feel your whole family, it was best if you grew it yourself.

The raised beds in the link below are so beautiful! They not only look nice but they are super functional, allowing for people with disabilities to be able to enjoy gardening too! They have so many tutorials on how you can build your own raised beds or have someone build them for you! Have a look through them they are really awesome! They even have growing guides too, to help you with what you grow! Head over to 'Bonnie Plants' by clicking the link in the description below and happy planting!

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