Ranch Bacon Mac and Cheese Bites

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This recipe shares some really fresh surprises that make this ranch bacon mac and cheese bites a wonderful twist on a favored classic. The recipe begins with much loved ingredients such as macaroni, cheese and bacon, but then adds an unexpected round of other cheese and dairy as well as herbs. The result? A flavor tango that will have your entire family dancing!

This recipe is also one you and your family will like because it recommends that you do notyes, you read that rightdo not, use fat free cheese in the mix. Well, if the recipe says so, who are we to argue? Another happy surprise is that this recipe says you can go ahead and use gluten-free noodles. Sometimes it can be challenging to find gluten-free recipes to meet the needs of sensitive eaters so this one will be a smash hit for any gluten-free eaters in your household. Since the recipe also builds on a time-honored and well-loved recipe like mac and cheese you can bet that everyone else will like it too.

The Weary Chef recipe creators recommend that you wait until these cheesy delights cool a bit before tipping them out of the pan. These hefty meal packs are made in muffin tins for easy single serve portions. Waiting until the cheese cools a bit ensures the muffin stays together when you tip it out of the pan. If it breaks, of course, that just means a taste test on the spot.

One of the great things about the single serving size is that it makes a great grab and go dish for everyone. And its great for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner when busy schedules can have everyone on the run late.

They are easy to make, use all the ingredients your family loves, can be adapted to gluten-free needs, and served at any meal or as a snack. Whats not to love? Why not try them tonight?

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