Ranch BLT Wedge Salad

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Enjoy a ranch BLT Wedge Salad recipe, and make a delicious and nutritious, not to mention, very filling salad for your lunch today. The fun part of this salad recipe lies in the way that you prepare the lettuce itself. It is a unique and different twist on the typical salad, which usually has you rip and shred the lettuce and put it in to a bowl. In this wedge salad recipe, however, you actually cut the lettuce in to wedges, and place each wedge on an individual plate. That way, each salad is made individually. That means there are lots of ways to put this wedge salad together and make a unique salad for every person who is coming to sit at your dinner table tonight.

This wedge salad recipe does call for you to add the individual ingredients yourself to each of the salad plates. And that is a great way to make this wedge salad recipe. But you could also choose to make them individually. The recipe calls for lots of great ingredients such as bacon and cheese among other veggies. Each of the ingredients gets sprinkled on top of the first thing that you place on the serving plate, namely, the lettuce itself. But instead of making the salads individually, by yourself, you could put all of the ingredients on the table in dishes and simply serve the salad wedge by itself. Then people can mix and match the various ingredients such as the bacon, or the cheese, or the veggies. It could also be a lot of fun for people to put together their own wedge salad recipe, personalized to their particular tastes.

Any way that you make this salad it will have terrific flavor that comes from the combination of ingredients that go together to make it up. You can make each wedge salad recipe individually on each plate, if you like, or simply chop and serve a bunch of ingredients that you think people might like on their salad and serve the wedge of lettuce only on the plates. Some people might have a lot of fun putting together their own salad combination plate. It is always great to find new ways to mix and match ingredients that people will enjoy and eat, particularly if you have a finicky eater in the house, or when you are trying to convince the kids to eat their salad. If you allow them to mix and match the veggies that they like on their salad, you might have more luck getting them to eat it! It is worth trying if your kids just do not want to eat things you know are good for them. Enjoy!

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