Ranch Clam Chowder Recipe

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This soup is so quick and easy you could make this Ranch Clam Chowder Recipe in just a few minutes. Turn the oven on while you do, and make some quick biscuits to dunk in to this soup once it is done. There is just nothing quite like soup and biscuits. And there is plenty that helps make this recipe easy and quick. For example, a can of potato soup ensures that the soup will have plenty of flavor, some chunks of potato without you having to peel, cut and cook any, and a thickness to the soup from the potato broth. So that is all great. As well, the Ranch mix will add plenty of flavor to the mix, and also add some thickness so the soup is not runny. If you want, substitute cream for the skim milk, and add it just before you serve the soup. That will make it extra creamy, rich and flavorful.

This is a great soup that comes together easily and well. It will only take a few minutes to make it, really. Do not skip the parsley, though. Parsley is great for the stomach, and also cleanses the palette when you eat. It is a great and nutritious food, too, so use it often. Clams are a mollusk, and they are a bit chewy and always taste of ocean water; that is, they are naturally somewhat salty. They are also loaded with nutrients. Clams contain lots of good vitamins and minerals and you can be happy about feeding them often to your family. They are also a great source of protein, and a nearly zero fat food.

This is a great dish of mushrooms and clams, made easy with the use of commercial pre-made potato soup and a ranch dressing mix. This means the soup can be ready in just a few minutes. Served with some fresh and warm biscuits, this is a great lunch any time you are in the mood for it.

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