Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

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A raspberry almond thumbprint cookies recipe will yield loads of yummy cookies that everyone in the family will enjoy. They can be served warm or cold and still taste delicious. There are lots of things to love about this recipe. One thing that you might like is the option of putting in different kinds of jam for the filling. This particular recipe calls for raspberry jam, but you could use almost anything, such as apricot or blueberry. You are limited only by your imagination. As well, if the jam is particularly chunky, you might have to lightly puree it before using it, or if the jam is somewhat thin or runny, you might want to cook it down and thicken it before dropping it into the cookies.

Another great thing about this type of cookie recipe is that you can make it in advance. The dough can sit, tightly wrapped, in the fridge for perhaps about three days, and in the freezer for as long as 30 days, if you have wrapped the cookie dough well. Then you can make only as many or as few cookies as you want at any one time. Of course, these cookies can likely also freeze well once they are baked, so you can choose which approach you prefer. This cookie recipe calls for the flour to be measured as a scoop and sweep. That is a great way to measure flour if you do not weight your ingredients. For this method, use only a one cup measure. That approach ensures that the flour does not weigh down in the measuring container and so you do not get too much flour in the container. The sweep is done with a knife or something else that is flat, and you simply sweep along the top of the measuring container to make the flour come even with the top. Never shake or press on the measuring container to ensure consistent results.

This recipe is a quick and easy cookie to make. So this cookie recipe could be a great chance for the happy bakers in your home to try their hand at a new recipe. Buy several kinds of jam and see what a pretty result you will have by the end of the day with orange and red and blue fillings dotting your kitchen counter. These cookies are a great blend of a slightly dry cookie filled with rich and moist jam and topped with an easy icing. Be sure to go lightly with the icing so that the flavor of the jam is tasted easily and well. Why not enjoy these terrific cookies soon, especially if you bake them with your kids.

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