Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert

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There are so many awesome dessert recipes out there, and just so little time to try them in! Here is another great, easy one to add to your list, Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert! This recipe is a nice, light and fluffy treat for anytime of year, but would be best when raspberries are in season of course, or maybe to use some that you have frozen away. These squares would be so easy to make too, though they do take some time to chill and set, so make sure that you plan ahead and make sure there is enough time for them to set before you make them and think you can just dig in right after you finish putting them together.

This recipe comes to us from an old vintage cook book that the author from Fugal Antics found when she was looking for a spinach casserole that her and her family love. When she made it her husband loved it so much she decided to share it with all of us! How sweet! This recipe would be kind of like a cheese cake but perhaps a little sweeter, since there are marshmallows in it and all. There is a nice light graham cracker crust, and a cream cheesy centre, with the fruit on the top, just like a classic cheese cake!

The topping kind of seems like my favourite kind of jam, raspberry jam, since it is set in a nice glaze and has that nice jam looking texture. You could probably use any fruit, like strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or even peach or nectarines, or maybe even a fruit mix would be good. That is the nice thing with the cheese cake like base, it goes well with pretty much any flavour you put with it. Will you try this one out? Head over to 'Frugal Antics' by following the link in the section below for more!

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