Raspberry Mocha Mudslide Parfaits

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These Raspberry Mocha Mudslide Parfaits are so pretty you may not want to eat them, but just admire their beauty! But do it anyway because they are truly delicious. This dish layers raspberries and a chocolate and coffee mousse that does not require any cooking. Just get out your food processor and you can have these ready in no time.

This dish is great for little helping hands. Be forewarned, though, that there are also a lot of individually yummy ingredients so you might want to buy plenty of extra for taste testing as you prepare this dish. Raspberries pair wonderfully with both chocolate and coffee and that is what this dish is all about. Raspberries are considered one of the most nutritious of all fruits. It is loaded with antioxidants and multiple vitamins and minerals. Be sure to find berries that are really fresh as flavor is best at its peak, and nutritional quality deteriorates quickly, along with the berries.

Don’t worry that this dish has a bit of coffee flavor and whether the kids will like that—or whether or not you want little ones to have coffee at all. The parfait only uses a few granules of instant espresso to underscore the chocolate flavor. If that combination is new to you, when you make your next chocolate cake, cookies, bars or even icing, replace some of the liquid with equal amounts of coffee, or add a small amount of espresso granules or strong coffee. You will be astonished at how much depth of flavor the coffee will bring out in the chocolate. It is a great way to bake with chocolate and make your desserts taste truly spectacular. Parfaits originated in France in the late 19th century. They were a combination of milk, eggs, fats, cream, and fruits, liquors or other ingredients that were blended and then put in the freezer. They are somewhat different from ice cream because of the heavy creams and fats as well as the liquors, which also allow the parfait to be stirred less while it freezes, yet still come out with a smooth texture.This particular dish does not require freezing only refrigeration, which saves on preparation time. Prepare these desserts in individual glass dishes to show off the layers and also to facilitate faster freezing. It will be hard to wait for them to be ready because they will look so pretty.

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