Raspberry Streusel Muffins

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What a morning it is to wake up to the smell of fresh raspberry muffins with butter streusel toppings. It was actually my husband who found this yummy recipe and remembered how one of our first meetings as university, I was obsessed with raspberry muffins and he would always see me in line at the cafe. The crunchy streusel topping is amazing served warm with the contrast of tangy raspberries. What adds even more to the overall flavor and texture of these muffins is the addition of sour cream to the batter of the muffin itself.

I am always happy when a baking recipe uses sour cream (this chocolate sour cream cheesecake), because it adds this level of sour that is almost undetectable, but at the same time entirely present.

When choosing your vanilla for this recipe, I recommend an alcohol based vanilla, since it will be in the oven baking and so the alcohol will evaporate. Alcohol free vanilla should only be really used for making ice cream or raw desserts so that the alcohol does not make the flavors more bitter.

If you can find raspberries when they are in season, then this dessert can become quite affordable too. As with all berries if you can stock pile 'em while they are in season and then freeze them for when you need them throughout the year, this will always be your most affordable method.

Ok, so a quick note on raspberries the the health lovers will like. Raspberries are incredibly low on the glycemic index scale, which means that it is a very good berry for people with diabetes or those worried about their blood sugar levels being too high. Of course this does not mean that these muffins are low, but if you eat raspberries on their own, you can feel really good about their health benefits. High fiber, high antioxidants, high nutrients and low glycemic index.

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