Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad

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The flavors that come bursting out of this recipe will have you making raspberry vanilla jello salad for lunch and dinner more often. You can serve this dish as a side to lunch or dinner or put it into pretty glass single serving dishes and bring it on for dessert. Its also a great late night snack.

This dessert looks pretty, is affordable to make, has only a few ingredients and can be ready in less than four minutes. How is that for a quick and easy versatile recipe? And did you know how nutritious raspberries are? They are a good source of fiber, vitamins C and K as well as manganese. Besides all that, they taste delicious. The frozen varieties are almost as good as fresh so you can enjoy raspberries all year round.

Vanilla complements the flavor of raspberries really nicely. This recipe has vanilla in the pudding as well as in the vanilla yogurt that forms part of the ingredients. Vanilla is made from the seed of an orchid found in the region of Mexico. It must be hand pollinated and collected. That makes vanilla the second most expensive spice on the planet, second only to saffron. Vanilla is worth it, though, as it adds a floral bouquet to every dish you add it to.

This particular recipe is a great one for little ones to help make or for slightly older children to attempt on their own with little supervision. There is no stovetop or oven work so it is safe for aspiring bakers and cooks to try out by themselves. And this recipe is pretty forgiving. If amounts are slightly mis-measured the final result will still appeal, and were pretty sure your family will still gobble it up with delight. Why not stop by the grocers and pick up the ingredients to make it for your family tonight?

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