Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

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Bakerita website we are pleased to share this recipe for her 'Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Pie'.

Do you dream of a recipe that you can put together in only 15 minutes? This is it home-bakers. There are only six ingredients in this no-bake cheesecake. You use a store-bought graham crust, so you don't need to heat up the oven for that. Of course, for those of you that want to make a homemade crust, please by all means do so! The dessert uses fresh raspberries, and that is a delicious choice but again, with this type of dessert you could substitute any berry you want. It would be equally as exciting with fresh blackberries or strawberries.

The recipe also calls for cool-whip and again for any of you out there that do not care for cool-whip, you can substitute some fresh stabilized whipping cream. The point of this recipe is that it is appetizing, light, cool and will satisfy that dessert craving on those hot summer days. With all this talk of hot summer days, let us not limit our minds to only serving this dessert during the summer season. After a big heavy meal, any time of the year can you imagine how welcome a piece of this cheesecake would be!

We hope you will enjoy this recipe and give it a try. Please visit the 'Bakerita' website just below for thhe recipe.

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