Real Deal Southern Cake

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Baking cakes are as easy or as hard as the cook makes them. Cake baking dates back many years and the best cake recipes are usually the ones that you have made from scratch. This offering from Jocelyn is considered by her one of the best cake recipes out there. Her bias aside it is a great recipe and makes cake baking a lot simpler than you thought. She uses some great ingredients and will make baking cakes something you will love. Caramel and cakes go together like pork chops and applesauce. Her recipe combines sour cream into the cake batter that will keep the cake moist and delicious. Having the aroma of cake cooking in the over is akin to the fresh smell of your laundry that has air dried on a beautiful summer day. Most of us can remember the mornings when you woke up and your Mom or Grandma had a cake baking away and the first smell your nose caught was that sweet aroma. That is where memories are made, in your nostrils. They say memories are best kept with smells.

The term cake is taken from the Norse word kaka and it has been baked in one form or another since about 700 A.D. and has gone around the world like many of those first Vikings did so long ago. When you consider the many different cultures and the abundance of different cake recipes you will quickly acknowledge and thank those intrepid Vikings for bringing the sweet loveliness of cake recipes to the world. The difference between a cake and a bread are very slight and thee are many things one might consider a cake that is really a type of bread. One example is Banana bread. Many of us might consider this a type of cake but in the cooking world it is referred to as a quick bread even though that is not the overall general consensus. The cake and bread debate made it’s way to England and they looked at the shape of the offering and cooking method to distinguish between cake and bread. Bread was typically left upright throughout the cooking process while cakes were usually turned over mid way through it. With all the things in the world to debate most of us are happy to have both varieties and probably don’t mind whether they are referred to as long as they are tasty.

If you are thinking of doing some baking and you want to surprise your family or friends then give this wonderful cake recipe a try. Jocelyn has taken her families secret recipe that they have been eating and baking for decades and brought it to our families table. Her icing of caramel is her Aunt’s own secret recipe and well it isn’t a secret any longer. Thanks to Jocelyn of Grandbaby Cakes Blog fro her yummy Real Deal Southern Cake recipe that brings some southern love into our homes. Have a slice and y’all come back now.

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