Recipe of the Week: Macaroni and Cheese Cake

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So here is your recipe of the week: macaroni and cheese cake. Sound unusual? Since we usually associate the idea of a cake with something made with sugar and butter, the idea of macaroni and cheese as a cake may at first take us somewhat aback. However, cakes are also associated with plenty of savory dishes. For example, we have fish cakes, potato cakes, pan cakes, and plenty of other kinds of cakes that are savory. So the macaroni and cheese cake can be one more of the savory types we add to our list.

And, seriously, what could be better? Macaroni and cheese is just such a delicious, friendly, filling, and comforting food that everyone loves. It offers great texture, plenty of nutrition, and you can put almost anything in it that you enjoy.

This recipe, a rich blend of cheese, macaroni, and cream, literally puts the macaroni into a Bundt pan and bakes it. This is such a great idea! You can then cut the macaroni cake and serve it in slices. Why is this so great? Because it means that your family can grab a piece of a nutritious and favorite food and eat it on the go.

It is always great to find homemade and nutritious foods that your family loves that they can also pack quickly into their bags as they race out of the door. This dish solves that problem well.

Of course, it’s also pretty enough to take center stage at the dinner table. Serve it alone with a side salad, or offer slices to accompany your favorite meat, chicken or fish dinner. Any way you serve it, this dish is going to quickly become a favorite in the family. Try it tonight! It bakes up in no time. This dish is also quick and easy to make, cost effective and chock full of nutritious energy-giving ingredients for your family.

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