Red Velvet Blondie Cheesecake

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This is such a pretty cake that you must try the red velvet blondie cheesecake the very next time you are in a mood to bake. Hopefully it will be around the Fourth of July because this cake is a stars and stripes forever play on the national flag . . . okay, not quite, but it does combine red, white and blue for a magnificent result.

This cake begins with a recipe for red velvet cake, a fabulous cake with a mixed history. It has been variously called a Lady Eaton cake after the owner of the Eaton’s store in Canada and also a Waldorf Cake after the famous New York hotel that made this cake its signature recipe.

The original red velvet cake has a unique frosting that is worth trying when you have the time. It makes a roux from milk and flour then adds that to a butter and sugar mixture. The result is a very light and delicious, if time consuming to make, frosting for the cake. There have been many variations especially with the amounts of vinegar and buttermilk in the cake to bring out as much red from the cocoa as possible. Some recipes can also call for up to one-quarter cup of food coloring. In any event, it is a very special cake, and one well worth trying.

This cake is topped with a quick version of cheesecake that is iced on top of the red velvet cake. That is then covered with whipped cream for extra deliciousness.

The recipe uses specialized equipment and ingredients to create the final coup de grace for this cake. If you have the time, it would be worth the effort to create this final bit, especially as a Fourth of July surprise for your family. Even if you omit the final step, though, this cake is fantastic. Chill well before serving it.

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