Red Velvet Cupcakes

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This Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe offers a quick and easy way to make that classic cake that is so loved and enjoyed by so many people. This is a great cupcakes recipe that also has an interesting history. The original Red Velvet Cake recipe is claimed by the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. They claim that they were the first to create the rich deep red coloring and serve it with the classic French icing. Although that claim might be disputed, the Waldorf Hotel remains famous for this cake.

The cake got its first red hue, likely, from the use of beet juice during the Second World War to sweeten the cake. At that time, sugar was in short supply, and bakers had to use very creative and ingenious ways to make their desserts sweet. Beets were one answer to the problem. When the beet juice, as well as the vinegar and buttermilk that are classic additions to this recipe were added to the cake, the cake became noticeably redder. In part this was because the other ingredients also enhanced the red coloring that is inherent in cocoa, the primary chocolate used in this cake. Over time, bakers were able to use red food coloring, although many bakers today still remain true to the original recipes and use natural sources of coloring for their Red Velvet cake recipe. So Red Velvet cakes can have a range of redness in the cake, ranging from a reddish brown color to a very bright red. The cake also has some great ingredients that lend terrific flavor to the cake. The buttermilk, for instance, brings both moistness and also gives the crumb great tenderness in this cake recipe.

This cake is often made with a wonderful frosting. It begins with a roux that is made by heating milk and thickening it with flour. The mixture is allowed to cool and then butter and sugar are beaten in. The entire thing is mixed very well, and for a long time, in order to incorporate as much air as possible. That makes the icing incredibly light, and you might possibly even mistake the icing for whipped cream because it can be so light. Any way that you make this frosting, of course, it is fabulous. It does take a bit of time and attention; however, with the results as wonderful as they are, it is worth the effort.

This rendition of the Velvet Cake recipe made up as cupcakes is a quick and easy way to make this cake. A cream cheese frosting, which is most often used for the now classic cake recipe, is a wonderful, sweet and tangy accompaniment to this cake. Enjoy!

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