Red Velvet Fudge

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The holidays are coming up fast, and you’re probably rummaging through your recipe book wondering what is going to make its way to the dessert platter. Here’s an excellent Red Velvet Fudge recipe you’re going to love. This recipe for fudge candy is something you will see at a gourmet dessert store. It’s beautiful with swirls of white and red perfectly signifying the festive touch. But it’s not just about how this fudge recipe looks on the outside and more about how delicious it tastes. The combination of marshmallow cream and white chocolate is like the match made in heaven. It will just melt when you pop this fudge in your mouth. A big tip to keep in mind when purchasing white chocolate is to look for the amount of cocoa butter that’s present in it. Many brands that claim to be selling white chocolate especially the chocolate chips have the least amount of cocoa butter which is essentially the only ingredient a premium quality chocolate should consist of. If you thoroughly examine the ingredients list, they're marked either as white baking chips or morsels, and mostly have copious amounts of milk, oil, and sugar.

Even though preparing a fudge recipe looks like a straightforward process, it still demands a bit of accuracy to be able to get the proper batch of perfectly glossy and creamy homemade fudge. Since strong fudge-making skills are all about heating and cooling the mixture at precise temperatures, it's essential to keep in mind that the ingredients do not overcook along the process. The key to this is using a good candy thermometer that shows accurate temperatures when striving to make perfect fudge. Another helpful tip that will come to use while making fudge is to keep mixing it continually while heating it. Lastly, have the persistence to let it reduce to room temperature before cutting it into cubes. One of the exciting facts about fun desserts like a good fudge recipe is, that there are countless modifications and ingredients you can combine to make it taste to suit your palate. You can also add a blend of melted dark chocolate chips along with white chocolate which adds more excitement to the recipe. Adding dark chocolate is also possibly a good idea from a health viewpoint. Once the white chocolate and marshmallow cream is incorporated with other ingredients, you can pour melted dark chocolate. Then, take a skewer and work through the fudge batter to produce a marbled effect.

Perhaps the one fact that gets overlooked a lot while making fudge is the importance of adding vanilla extract to the recipe. The magic of adding real vanilla extract to fudge recipes not only elevates the taste but adds the nice fragrance which is quintessential to any candy. Bakers around the world believe in the science factor of vanilla. It is believed that when the real vanilla extract is added to desserts, it acts as more than just a flavor. It brings the ingredients to life and binds them together to make it taste richer. Not to mention the fresh fragrance of real vanilla beans stands out distinctly in dessert recipes. Of course, it can be more expensive than the artificial flavor, but it yields a more superior and premium taste especially in fudge recipes.

Thank you to Danielle at Hugs and Cookies xoxo recipe blog for sharing this easy Red Velvet Fudge recipe with us. For more fun desserts, healthy recipes and food tips you can visit Danielle’s food blog. Enjoy a mouthful of this delicious recipe for fudge candy oozing with vanilla flavor today!

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