Red White and Blue Bundt Cake

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This red, white and blue bundt cake recipe might just be the most amazing cake you make all year. With plenty of fresh berries and vanilla buttercream, this cake idea looks as good as it tastes. This is the perfect cake to bring along to picnics, pool parties, barbecues and family get-togethers. This is an easy bake a cake recipe that uses cake mix and vanilla pudding for a moist and delicious cake base you will love. And the buttercream recipe uses real butter for a rich and creamy frosting that holds the colorful berries in place.

The berries are quite literally the stars of this delicious and lovely cake recipe idea. The best part about adding all these berries to this bake a cake the idea is that these bright, flavorful, and sweet superfruit have a long list of health benefits. These colorful fruits not only look good in berry cake recipes but they are high in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help to fight chronic disease and cancer. A recent study in the journal Circulation suggests that sprinkling just a few extra raspberries or blueberries into your yogurt or blending some strawberries into your morning smoothie may also help reduce heart attack risks. Blackberries are also high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin A and contain iron. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and low in fat, free of saturated fat, and a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Strawberries are heart-healthy and packed with lots of vitamin C. Strawberries are also an excellent source of folate, which is a nutrient that may help protect your heart. Raspberries also are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, and manganese. Raspberries also have high levels of polyphenols, which help reduce heart disease risk. Like blueberries, they contain compounds that may help to widen the arteries, which may prevent plaque buildup.

Nutrition Facts for: Red White and Blue Bundt Cake from A Dash Of Sanity

Ingredients: Vanilla cake mix, vanilla pudding, flour, vanilla extract, milk, water, eggs, white chocolate chips, butter, clear vanilla extract, heavy whipping cream, blueberries, strawberries.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 16 servings.

* Per Serving:Calories 508, Calories from Fat 163, Total Fat 18.1g 28%, Saturated Fat 9.8g 49%, Cholesterol 49mg 16%, Sodium 393mg 16%, Potassium 203mg 6%, Carbohydrates 83.1g 28%, Dietary Fiber 2.3g 9%, Sugars 69.2g, Protein 4.9g, Vitamin A 6%, Vitamin C 35%, Calcium 13%, Iron 9%

One of the best parts about Bundt cakes is their unique shape, but some people have trouble getting the bundt cake out of the pan without a piece or two breaking off. With a couple of easy tricks, you can ensure this doesn't happen to you. To start you want to grease the pan properly, don't miss a spot. Then just before your cake is ready to come out the oven, place a kitchen towel in the sink. Pour steaming water on the towel until it's completely soaked. Then when you take the cake out of the oven place it on top of the towel and let it sit for 10 minutes with the pan side down. Then with a cooling rack, invert the hot cake onto it. Make sure you have your oven mitts on. Thank you to Sandra for sharing this cake recipe for red, white and blue bundt cake at the "A Dash Of Sanity" site. This is just one of the bake cake ideas you will fin on the site. Other recipes include appetizers, breakfast ideas, desserts, drink recipes, holiday ideas, main dish, party, salad recipes, side dish, soups and so much more. **

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