Red White and Blue Salsa

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Here’s one to prove your patriotism and enjoy the Fourth of July in the colors of the great USA. Try this red white and blue salsa on the day of celebration and entertain your friends as well as feed them with your Fourth of July celebratory style. It blends jicama with blueberries and strawberries to make a unique salsa that everyone will enjoy trying.

Jicama is a root crop that grows in the Caribbean and other deep southern climes. It is a water rich vegetable that tastes fresh and crisp and slightly sweet, making it a great addition to both savory and sweet dishes. Its slightly bland flavor also makes it great to blend with other foods where you want something to underscore other flavors. Here blueberries and strawberries take center stage to help make a fruity salsa with a bit of tang from the addition of other dark green ingredients. Together, these veggies and fruits make a chunky and delicious salsa that is a really fresh twist on the traditional tomato based sauce. This salsa is great when contrasted against salty chips.

You can also feel good about feeding your friends berries, especially these ones. The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories contained in both these fruits is well known and they both kick in plenty of vitamins and minerals as well. So you can serve these knowing how good they are to eat. In addition, they have almost no cholesterol, sodium or fats making them a great food. And who can resist their color? Together, the red of the strawberries and blue of the blueberries will make a pretty salsa that no one will be able to turn down. Why not try a sample batch on your family tonight? Head over to the website now to get the complete list of ingredients and pick them up to make this terrific salsa for your family. Enjoy!

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