Removing mold behind wallpaper

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Discovering mould anywhere in your home is never a pleasant surprise. But it's even worse when you realize you have to do some repairs because of it. For example, finding mould in the grout of your shower tile or the caulking in your bathroom, you're going to have to remove the caulking entirely and then clean the mould, and then replace the caulking or grout. Just like when you find out there is mould growing behind some wallpaper in your home, you're going to have to remove it in order to get to the mould. Removing the wallpaper is the only way to properly clean mould that's underneath it. So maybe you've purchased an older home that has some wallpaper in it and you've discovered that there's some mould growing behind it. The area between the wall and the wallpaper would be a good place for mould to grow if you have some moisture in the wall. Then the wallpaper would act as the perfect envelope, sealing the moisture in which would create the environment where mould could easily grow. Chances are, if it's an older house, you were probably considering removing the wallpaper any how so it won't be tragic that it has to come down. But it is a lot of work, and then you will have the added job of cleaning up the mould.

Home Steady has some great cleaning tips for us that will prepare us for removing mould that's growing under wallpaper.

You should get something to prepare the wallpaper for removal. This will make the entire process easier. They say that the wallpaper should first be scored with a scoring tool to make perforations in the wallpaper that will allow the wallpaper stripping solution to sink into the wallpaper better to make it easier to take off the wall. Then, once you have the little holes in place, you'll spray the walls with the stripping solution. You can find the stripping solution at any hardware store. Now, before you start to rip the paper from the wall, you're going to want to prepare yourself and your home for protection. You'll want to wear protective eye wear, gloves and a face mask to keep the mould spores out of your system, and you'll want to cover everything else in the room with drop cloth material or plastic. Once you take the paper off the wall, the mould spores are going to release and you don't want them to get anywhere else. Then you can spray the wallpaper with the stripping solution and remove it as you go so it doesn't dry out. A wallpaper scraper will help remove it too. Make sure you throw all of the wallpaper into a garbage bag and dispose of it right away. You don't want the mould to infest anything else in your home.

To clean the mould, you're going to use 50% bleach and 50% water. Mix the two up in a bucket and then take a sponge and start scrubbing the walls with the bleach. If you'd rather use natural cleaners, you can use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Other natural cleaners that are great for mould are baking soda and borax. Make sure you scrub the entire wall with the cleaning solution you've chosen to use, even the areas that don't have mould. This will prevent the mould from spreading to the other areas of the wall. You will probably want to do this a few times just to be sure that you got all of the mould and make sure to throw away the sponge and clean your bucket out really well after using it. Try these cleaning tips out and see how they work for you.***

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