Restaurant Quality Chicken Chimichangas

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Mexican cuisine can be spicy but if you are not a spicy person then you might want to tone down the heat of any easy Mexican meals you come across. A Mexican meal like this one from Martha is a great way to introduce your diners to Mexican cuisine and in so doing you might start someone on the road to epicurean delight. A Mexican meal is not always one made with tortillas but the ones that are wrapped on a tortilla flatbread can be both easy and delicious to make.

If you want to make easy Mexican meals then Martha and her chimichanga recipe might be the one you to try. Chimichangas are wrapped in tortilla flatbread and they can, once filled, be fried or baked. This specific recipe calls for the chimichangas to be fried but if you are trying to eat healthier then you might not want to dip them in hot oil but would rather bake them in the oven. Either way you are in for a treat. Eating with your hands is a great way to get your children excited for a meal since many kids love anything they can do or eat with their fingers. Always make sure the food you are intending to be eaten by hand is cooled down sufficiently before allowing your little ones or big ones to wrap their hands around and bite into. Error on the side of caution or just hand them a fork and voila they should be good. Baking is always the better alternative to frying and if you decide to bake you can always finish it off under the broiler to crisp them up if you want.

Tortilla flatbreads like pita bread, naan bread and wraps are a great way to introduce your kids and significant other into the world of cooking and creating. They are a great way to get them to pick a multitude of ingredients to fill them with and in so doing you are giving them freedom of expression and will make it easier for them to eat their food while being proud of their creation. Inspiration is a great way to motivate anyone and when they are able to cook with ingredients they love they are far more inclined to finish the meal. Flatbreads can be heated in the oven or they can be heated in a pan. Many recipes that call for the flatbread to act as a wrap can include meat, veggies and any sauce you and your diners prefer. This recipe includes chicken and if you are not crazy about chicken then add beef, pork, fish and you can just go totally veggie.

This recipe from Martha adds a wonderful cream sauce to the top of the finished produce and this will force you to eat it with a knife and fork. You can go with a tomato based or salsa inspired topping if you like. Thanks to Martha of A Family Feast Blog for this yummy Restaurant Quality Chicken Chimichangas Recipe and bon apetit.**

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