Rich and Creamy French Silk Chocolate Pie

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Few things match a Rich and Creamy French Silk Chocolate Pie. It is cool, creamy (as the title says) and fabulous. It works equally well in summer and winter for dessert, or when you want something perfect to serve guests, family and friends who drop by. This particular recipe does not cook the eggs, so pregnant women might be wise to avoid it. Whenever you make something that contains uncooked ingredients such as eggs or even flour, be sure to let the people you are serving it to, know. Allergies and other sensitivities can cause terrible reactions (and we don’t want that!).

This pie calls for a crust, and there are many that would work well. A classic flour and lard crust (or butter, which is even better) is fantastic. As well, though, you could consider a deep chocolate crust or Oreo crust, if you want to really put the chocolate through the proverbial ball park in this pie. This pie comes together quick easily and quickly because it does not get cooked. Be sure to keep everything chilled as you make it, and keep this dessert in the fridge at all times because of the raw eggs.

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