Roasted Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup In Pretzel Bowls

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Looking for something adventurous to make for dinner tonight and expand your culinary skills along the way? Look no farther than this Roasted Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup (in pretzel bowls)! Did we say, pretzel . . . Bowls? You bet. And you can make them yourself ahead of time and freeze them. Then just pull them out whenever you make this smoky, cheesy, potato-y and ham, can you say OMG! that is delicious, soup? We know you will when you try it. And how often do you get to say to your kids, hey, be sure to eat the dinnerware?

So this recipe is in two parts, really, the soup and the pretzel bows. First you make the pretzel bowls. They are made as a bread recipe. It is easy and straightforward, even if this is the first time you have tried your hand at home baked bread. And Yammies Noshery gives easy and terrific step-by-step directions and plenty of beautiful pictures that you can follow to help you along. So give it a go. Your family will be so impressed.

Even if you are not up to making the bread today, try making the soup. There are no surprises, except for its fantastic flavor, and its a flavorful blend of ham, potatoes, cheese and other wholesome ingredients your family will love. Its plenty filling enough to serve for dinner as the main course with just a light salad on the side. Try it out tonight.

The soup is rich and thick and calls for smoked paprika. If you havent yet tried smoked paprika, buy a big bottle. It is definitely going to become a regular part of your cooking tool box. The smokiness just makes all that cheese; potato and ham taste better than you thought possible. Try it at home tonight!

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