Roasted Garlic and Chive Cauliflower Mash

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Thank you to Michelle at the Healthy Recipe Ecstasy blog for sharing this roasted garlic and chive cauliflower mash recipe with us. The top food trend of 2015 was called the cauliflower craze. Cauliflower has become the new pseudo carbohydrate, replacing starches in recipes such as pizza crust recipes, rice recipes, buffalo (wings) and potato recipes to name a few, just like in this cauliflower mash recipe. The great thing about this blog is it caters to any and everyone including those with dietary restrictions. Are you gluten intolerant or celiac, lactose intolerant or dairy free, paleo, vegetarian or vegan? Well, look no further because you can find all of those recipes here, starting with this roasted garlic and chive cauliflower mash which cater to the restrictions listed.

Let’s be honest, cauliflower is a love it or hate it vegetable. It was probably picked last in gym class or fell somewhere in between Brussel sprouts and turnip. Somewhere along the line, it tried to trick us by cleverly disguising itself with brightly appealing colors like orange and purple, but we grew wise to its trickery and to the back of the line it went. For most, you may remember growing up and being forced to eat cauliflower at dinner, your house may have been filled with its very pungent stench from being steamed with butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. The smell made it an instant turn off. So how did such a last place vegetable for so many decades, suddenly take first place in one short year? Arguably it could be that society has become a lot more health conscious and when you take the nutritional information of a 100g serving of white cauliflower providing only 25 calories, and being low in fat and carbohydrates compared to a 100g serving of potato which contains 104 calories and 19.36g of carbohydrates there is no contest. Take that nutritional information and combine it with new innovative and creative ways of preparing, and to be fair, disguising it and you’ve got a real winner. When would you have ever thought that anything could take the place of a potato? It’s true there has never been a contender, until now.

What makes this cauliflower recipe something to rave about is the use of roasted garlic. When garlic is raw, it tends to be aromatic and spicy, going well with more tart or acidic flavors. But when you roast garlic it gives off a milder, sweeter aroma and pairs much better with the salty and savory flavors which is why it makes such an undeniably ideal combination in this roasted garlic and chive cauliflower mash recipe. If you have never roasted garlic before you don’t know what you are missing, but do not worry, because Michelle has graciously provided a step by step recipe on how to roast the garlic before preparing the dish. This roasted garlic and chive cauliflower mash recipe will serve 4. You can choose to share it with friends, but after tasting it, you might want to eat all four helpings yourself. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us! After you have checked out this cauliflower recipe, you may just get drawn into Michelle's blog site to look over some of her dessert recipes, as well and healthy recipes and dairy-free recipes.

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