Roasted Garlic Green Bean Salad

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Enjoy a Roasted Garlic Green Bean Salad recipe, and bump up the antioxidants in your system and be on your way to better health this year. This bean salad recipe is made in three steps, which makes it easy for you (or anyone else in the household) to put together for dinner tonight. The steps include the dressing, the main part of the salad, and the garnish for the salad recipe. This green bean salad recipe is a great one and filled with lots of ingredients that are both delicious and nutritious. One change to make is the use of fresh garlic rather than garlic powder. Using fresh garlic is the only way to take advantage of the terrific health benefits that garlic has to offer you and your family.

Garlic may improve your ability to absorb iron and is also a great source of selenium. In addition, the quality of the selenium that garlic provides is very high. Garlic may also have a role to play in controlling obesity. The very early research suggests that one of the sulphurs contained in garlic may inhibit the inflammation of certain fat cells. Obesity has been thought to be the result of low grade inflammation, which garlic may play a role in inhibiting. So eat your garlic, and stay slim! These are also some good reasons to choose fresh garlic over other forms. Buy your garlic as a head and use the cloves fresh every time. The World’s Healthiest Foods site recommends that each of us eat a clove of garlic every day because it is such a healthy food for us.

There are plenty of other great ingredients in this green bean salad recipe, too, beginning with the green beans. They are a great food, loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Do not overcook them. They should be just heated through, really, for best flavor, and should retain some bite even when they are cooked. The dressing for the beans is also a great and healthy source of ingredients. They include olive oil, lemon and the garlic. These are all good sources of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and olive oil, when it is extra virgin and cold pressed, is possibly the very best oil you should use in your every day cooking. And it tastes great. Feta cheese is a wonderfully salty and flavorful cheese where just a little goes a long way. Do not over do it with the feta. Like bacon, feta’s rich flavors need only a little bite in order to be felt throughout a dish. Enjoy this wonderful combination of flavors and textures that make up this terrific green bean salad recipe. Enjoy this recipe very soon!

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