Roasted Mushroom Beef Stroganoff

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When the hunger hits you and you want to quell it and would like to add some rib sticking food to your system then give a classic beef stroganoff recipe a try. Most stroganoff recipes are a great way to cover your protein and starch needs. Noodles stroganoff recipe that includes veggies and even have mushrooms are great for your finicky eaters. Mushroom nutrition is well documented and if you consider the fact that they are great tasting then you will have covered two bases with one offering. If you are not a fan of beef or meat in general then you can always take the meat out and double up on the mushrooms like in this recipe from Heidi or use any other veggie you might prefer. Try to go with a veggie that stands up well to long cooking times. Any classic beef stroganoff recipe will include noodles in the mix but again if you are not a fan then add rice or keep the noodles out totally. If you go with noodles stroganoff recipes then a nice noodle to use is an egg noodle since it is a great way to help to sop up the gravy. Other noodles also will help lap up gravy but egg ones are the best at it. If mushroom nutrition is what you are looking for then give this offering from the kitchen of Heidi a try.

We are going to use a recipe that is one of many recipes with meat but can also be made without meat. Never think because a recipe uses meat that you must also. This Stroganoff recipe is one of Russia’s old and great recipes and one that has been a part of their culture and eating habits since the beginning of the 19th century. Heidi takes us along the Volga River to Russia and we don’t have to even pay for the trip. Russia has laid the claim to the original stroganoff recipe but if you compare it to France’s ratatouille and Hungary’s goulash you will quickly realize that most of these type of recipes can find a common denominator and that being the sauce and meat mixture. Her recipe on this old, 19th century, beef and noodle recipe does not vary much from the original recipe but it does require you make a change here or there to make it unique to your palate. Roasting the mushrooms will add extra flavor and if you are not a fan of mushrooms and want to add another veggie then consider roasting it as well and you can keep the flavor of the original recipe.

Always consider the recipe and the ingredients and if you decide on changing any of them then be sure to update your cooking time since the options you decide to add will mostly change the final cooking time. Adding new ingredients is ok just be diligent in your cooking times and temperatures. Thanks to Heidi of Foodie Crush Blog for this yummy Roasted Mushroom Beef Stroganoff Recipe and bon apetit.

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