Roasted Potato and Cheese Tater Tots

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There are many different potatoes recipes and with that many to choose from it is no wonder the potato is one of the most used foodstuffs. There are many different ways to cook potatoes and some of those include boiling, steaming, frying and even baking. With that many different ways and all the great recipes then you will be hard pressed to say that you have tried every way. This recipe from the kitchen of Ella also includes cheese and cheese nutrition. Cheese is high in protein and if you are a fan of it then you will be happy to know this recipe allows for cheese to shine.

Ella gives you another home for taters and with the wide variety and types of potatoes you will quickly realize that all the potatoes recipes out there you can use a wide variety of different spuds for each recipe. Never feel that any recipe you find cannot be altered since they can. With all those different ways to cook potatoes you will easily find one way you love. If you add cheese to the mix as Ella has then you will be adding all the cheese nutrition in as well. Tater tots are great breakfast fare but in this day and age breakfast is now becoming an all day meal. Many restaurants have caught up and are now offering all day breakfast. Roasted potatoes are a great way to experiment with different flavors and textures. You can go Italian with the spices or Greek, you can keep the texture soft or you can go hard. Every different way to bake or broil them will keep the texture different. If you roast them in a roasting pan then you will quickly realize that the potatoes will be crunchy of the outside and soft in the middle. If you cook them Greek style then the potato will remain soft throughout. If you have a recipe that calls for roasting them like this one then you will quickly discover that the outside of the potato will be firm and crusty. This is caused by the heat hardening the outside while still keeping the inside fairly soft. This might not be the way your diners like the finished product so go with the Greek style and add some liquid to your pan and make sure you monitor as it cooks and that the taters don’t get dry.

Recipes like this one from Ella allow for your creativity to come to the surface. You can buy premade frozen tater tots or you can make your own. Always make sure to cook extra potatoes when you are making them since they are great as leftovers and can be added to many great recipes like this one. If you have extra potatoes in the fridge you will never be too far from making a satisfying meal the whole family can enjoy. Thanks to Ella of Home Cooking Adventure Blog for this yummy Roasted Potato and Cheese Tater Tots Recipe and bon apetit88.

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