Roasted Potato Salad with Bacon

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This recipe for Onion Roasted Potato Salad with Bacon just demonstrates, yet again, what a terrific food potatoes really are. They serve up well almost no matter what you do to them, or how they are prepared. And they seem to taste great seasoned with just about anything. Of course, onion, bacon and potatoes seems a natural pairing. Here, since potatoes take center stage in this recipe, try and get the freshest new potatoes you can find. That should not be too difficult since potatoes can be fresh almost year round. Still, look for the best you can find, and be sure they are small potatoes. Those ones definitely taste best.

This dish is served slightly warm. And so as soon as the potatoes come out of the oven, have the topping ready in the serving dish you are using. Then just mix and serve. This dish will work well with just about what ever you are making for dinner tonight. These potatoes will go well with chicken, beef, fish or anything else you are making. They will pair well in the morning with scrambled eggs (or eggs however you prefer them) and even make a great snack all by themselves.

This is an easy to prepare and delicious dish that shows the versatility of that humble vegetable, the potato. It works in so many ways, tastes great, has few calories, sodium or cholesterol in each serving, and is chock full of goodness. There is really no reason not to eat potatoes every day. They can be reinvented in so many ways and paired with so much of what we eat. Boil them, bake them fry them or make them whatever way you like. They are also tasty. When you do make them, try to keep the skins on the potatoes for extra nutrition. Enjoy this particular recipe soon!

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