Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

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There are many lasagna recipes and this healthy lasagna recipe from Pam can be a great addition to your no meat lasagna recipe list. The next time you want to make lasagna and are looking for an easy vegetable lasagna recipe then give this one a try. Adding veggies to a recipe that calls for meat is a great way to eat healthier while not giving up on flavor. Just because a lasagna recipe has veggies instead of meat that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a healthy lasagna recipe. What the ingredients are besides the veggies is the best way to determine the healthiness of the recipe. Many no meat lasagna recipe offerings might be using a white sauce with heavy cream or cheese that are both not the healthiest alternatives. You must be the last word when it comes to what you feel is both tasty and healthy when it comes to you and your fellow diners. Consider this easy vegetable lasagna recipe from the kitchen of Pam and while looking over the ingredients decide whether it lives up to your needs and expectations for the recipe. Never conclude that a recipe is healthy just because it lacks meat and uses veggies instead. You must take all the ingredients into consideration and if you can substitute one for a healthier choice then do that and try to upgrade your cooking time since most veggies have a different cooking time than most meats.

Lasagna is a type of casserole and is a great way to add leftovers into the equation. This wonderful dish made with lasagna noodles, cheese, meat or veggies has been a staple dish in Italy since the middles ages between the 5th and 15th centuries. No one is exactly sure since it has different possible origins. Many people believe that southern Italy, more exactly Sicily, was the first place that someone decided to include flat noodles to sauce and a filling. Many other places in Italy, like Rome, also believe they were the first people to make this delicious casserole. History has a way of blending into many different realities and each specific region claim to a similar recipe and if you take the little differences from each region then there would be many different places that can lay claim to the first use. We will leave that up to history books since we now know lasagna is enjoyed by many different people and the recipes are as varied as the people.

When you decide to make any lasagna recipe always remember you can adjust the recipe to make it your own personal one and always add any different ingredients and the final outcome will be one that you and your family or friends will love. The sauce can be a tomato based one or a cream sauce. If you are feeling creative then mix the tomato one with some cream sauce and make a rose sauce. You are only limited to your own imagination. Thanks to Pam of For the Love of Cooking Blog for this yummy Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Recipe and bon apetit.**

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