Rock Salt Roast Chicken

Photo Credit: The Londoner

Okay, this recipe simply does chicken justice on every possibly level! This one’s for “Rock Salt Roast Chicken” and it’s from Rosie over at “The Londoner” blog.

The first thing you gotta do to if you want to cook this beautiful chicken is to buy it and please make sure it’s a free range organic chicken. This is extremely important! Organic chickens are cruelty free and they taste better, much better, than factory chicken. The second thing you gotta do is make sure you have some high quality rock salt. Why? Because it’s the magic ingredient for this Roast Chicken and you’re gonna be happy you took the time to get it. Rosie uses Maldon, but you can use any rock salt that particularly strikes your fancy.

And just who is this Rosie person anyway? She’s a writer, photographer, and professional blogger whose been at it now for a coupla years. She started her blog to stay connected with her family and friends when she moved to London, UK, but it quickly became so popular that she’s now in touch with readers from all over the world. And The Londoner’s not just about recipes, either! Rosie’s also writing about her amazing experiences in London and further abroad. It’s really a lifestyle blog including everything from fashion to hotspots to fab food. And this is a beautiful photo blog, too!

Rosie even gives readers tips on how to start and promote their own blog. She’s big on creating a blog that you yourself would love to read! That way, you know it will be interesting. Rosie’s made her blog interesting enough to be able to make a living from it! We’re so happy to see her doing what she loves and making money from it too. And we’re even happier to find this amazing recipe for Roast Chicken.

Want the full recipe for this scrumptious Rock Salt Roast Chicken? Then head on over to “The Londoner” website by following the link in the description below!

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