Rocky Road Bites

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These Rocky Road Bites are quick and easy to make and the littlest hands in your household can help out. There are only four ingredients, only a bit of stove top cooking that has to happen, and then every thing is blended and chilled in the fridge. If the little ones help, be sure to have extra every thing as they will undoubtedly be digging in to the marshmallows and chocolate chips as much as they can get away with it!

This is a recipe for any new baker or cook to try out. It is so simple and still brings good results. And if you use organic peanut butter that does not include any added sugar or salt, you are also providing the family with some good nutrition. Peanuts contain the flavonoid, resveratrol, which is also found in red wine and red grapes. Recent research has also found that resveratrol also has preventive properties and possibly healing ones for Alzheimer’s. Research is early here, but promising. As well, peanuts contain the good fats, and lots of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins. All of this is great for the family and your kids, so be sure to keep peanut butter around as a snack food.

Bump the nutrition up a bit more in this recipe by using chocolate chips that are made with 70 percent cocoa. This level of cocoa lowers the sugar content in the chips and increases the really good ingredient, chocolate. If your kids and family members protest, add one half of these darker chocolate chips to the recipe and slowly wean your family off the sweeter varieties. Try this snack soon. Every one will enjoy their peanut-y and chocolate-y flavor and bright crunch.

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