Rocky Road Dip

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Are you looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe? Six Sisters Stuff has yet another great dessert recipe for us to try out. This one is called rocky road dip, and it has everything that rocky road ice cream has in it for a great flavour combination. The Six Sisters say that they make this as a recipe for an after school snack for their kids but you can make this dessert recipe any time. It would also be great as a treat to serve up at a party or to serve up after dinner for a fun dessert. It's always great to have fun snacks for your kids once in a while, especially when they include healthy ingredients. This recipe can also be eaten with fruit which makes it even more healthy. It's basically yoghurt with some sweetness and chocolate added in. For this recipe, they call for Greek yoghurt, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, milk, pecans, and mini marshmallows. They also use graham crackers to dip into this dessert dip which would really make it feel like you were eating s'mores or ice cream with a waffle cone.

You could switch up the ingredients if you wanted to make it a bit healthier too. Just substitute the yoghurt for dairy free coconut yoghurt or some coconut cream even. Then the cocoa powder could be switched out for some raw cacao powder, and you could use maple syrup or stevia as the sweetener. There are even vegan marshmallows out now that you could add in after chopping into little pieces. But if you're just looking for a decadent dessert and no one in your home is lactose intolerant, you should just go for the original recipe. This is one of the easy dessert recipes that your kids could even get in on making with you. This way they can learn to make food in the kitchen and learn the math of measurements and also learn about different ingredients and how they work together to make a finished result.

So gather all of your ingredients and a bowl to make this yummy dessert recipe. Take your bowl and add the yoghurt, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar and then mix it all up until it's smooth. Then, whisk in some vanilla and the milk. Once all of those ingredients are fully mixed, you can then stir in the pecans and marshmallows and carefully mix them into the yoghurt mixture. Then choose a nice decorative serving bowl and scoop the dip into the bowl. Cut up some apple slices, banana slices and get out some graham crackers or cookies and place them on a nice serving platter and put them out beside the dip so people can dip into it. This is such an easy and quick dessert idea that you could literally have on the table in minutes. There's no refrigeration necessary and no baking time required. You can find a bunch of other wonderful dessert recipes on Six Sisters Stuff as well as dinner recipes and more snack recipes too. The sisters aim to make their recipes as simple as possible using common ingredients that most people have in their homes. They share menu plans that suit any family with grocery lists and recipes that you can print off to make your life easier. They also share some great crafts and home decor projects as well. Since they are all moms themselves, they know how valuable time with your family is which is why they share all of their tips and tricks for making life easier. Check out this recipe and other easy dessert recipes on their website.***

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