Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brownies

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This sweet takes almost one hour to cook because of the level of moistness in the batter. That means you will just have to bite your finger nails and wait for these fabulous Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brownies. This is a terrific sweet recipe. It is entirely made from scratch, and although it has sugar and mini marshmallows, the whole treat gets redeemed with fresh eggs, great peanut butter, and, of course, because you are making it from scratch. Rocky Road is a great flavor and this recipe does a good imitation of that combination of tastes. You and the kids will both enjoy the squishy, marshmallow-y, crunchy, peanut-y taste and texture.

This dish is pretty easy to make. And it is a lot of fun. You make a chocolate base, then a peanut-y middle. You spread one half of the brownie base, then carefully layer on the peanut middle. With the rest of the chocolate mix, you create a great mix with the peanut part. That way you get distinct layers (three of them) but also some swirls of flavor that mix the peanut and chocolate. Of course, amid all of that there are real peanuts for plenty of crunch, and since the recipe calls for salted nuts (great call) you get a bit of nice contrast from the salt when you bite in to a peanut. Of course, do not forget the marshmallows, either. They provide plenty of bright white color contrast to this sweet treat, and some great squishy flavor.

This is an easy treat that looks great, and tastes greater. Be sure to make it on a night when you have every one already at home. And get the kids to help with the sprinkling of the marshmallows and the salted nuts. And always remember lots of extra when you have little helpers helping (the losses from sneak eating can devastate!). It is not likely that this snack will make it past midnight. Enjoy this recipe soon (and do not count the calories!).

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