Rolo Blondies Recipe

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Rolos by themselves are a great treat to pop in your mouth and enjoy for their perfect chocolate and caramel flavor blend. Now add them to this sweetly delicious Rolo Blondies Recipe and you have a dessert worth talking about. Thats just what Chef Carrian did to create these Rolo Blondies that will leave you knocking at the knees.

One especially great thing about this dessert is that you can make it with your kids. (Buy extra Rolos if you do because you just know a few of them are going to disappear!) When you make the dough for the squares the Rolos are added in rows on top of the blonde brownie mix. Thats where your kids can help out. They just place the Rolo on top of the mix in the pan and then press them down in to the mixture to set them in place. And heres where your kids can help out more.

Only about one-half of the batter goes in the pan before setting the Rolos in place. The rest is added on top of the Rolos. So the Rolos bake in to the middle of the Blondies. Kids can help out by patting out cookie-size bits of the dough and laying them on top of the Rolos to cover them completely before baking. Theyll love the fun, and youll love the help!

Did you know that Rolos have been around since 1937? They were called Rolos because, unlike other candies that were often flat and sold in slabs, Rolos were rolled up and cut to make individual bucket shaped rolls. Thats a bit of history you can share with your kids as you make this delicious chocolate caramel treat.

Is it sweet? You bet. Just like an occasional fun family treat should be.

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