Rolo Cake Mix Bars

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This recipe offers a super sweet treat where a cake blend and rolos are put together to create a new kind of snack. The result? A sweet, chewy, rich and fabulous blend of cake, chocolate and caramel. Make these sweet treats on a night when you are heading to the movies. They are the perfect snack when you are watching a big picture film, and will keep the kids from wanting something else (and way too expensive) at the food bar.

This is a very simple recipe and can be made by anyone. It uses mostly commercial ingredients that ensure a good outcome and great flavor. A few extra things are added in to improve the boxed mix taste of a commercial mix, and with the rolos, results in a flavorful treat. There is no way to treat this recipe as anything but an occasional indulgence. It is full of sugar and fats (the best!). So make it for very special occasions only, and then, cut the pieces up small (and delicious).

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