Root Beer Float Pie

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Root Beer Float Pie takes us down memory lane to when A&W served its root beer in big, frosted mugs and the servers, always girls at the time, delivered your trays of food on roller skates. You won’t need roller skates to enjoy this dish, a creamy and smooth, fresh flavored pie topped with whipped cream. This pie is very easy to make as long as you can find the root beer concentrate that the recipe requires. It is simple enough for first time bakers to attempt, and it gives a new baker the opportunity to make a crust from vanilla based cookies (Oreos are recommended).

This is a terrific recipe for school fundraisers, family picnics or other gatherings where you want to make something unique and special, but that is still affordable for the pocket book. This recipe also uses some commercial ingredients and materials that make the pie come together even more quickly and easily. Root beer in the pie offers a different flavor because of the flavor that comes from sassafras root (or at least it was originally). The root gives that throaty depth that is so delicious in the root beer. Of course, the caramel flavor is fabulous, too.

Root beer is almost only found in North America, and was invented at the end of the 19th century by an American, Charles Hires. There have been various imitations including molasses and water as well as other flavoring agents such as vanilla. Root beer is a distinctive flavor that people either seem to love, or not. It is beautiful to look at when it is poured in to a glass because of the lovely caramel foamy head that is unique to this drink.

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