Rustic Herb Bread

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Rustic herb bread is so easy to make and it tastes fabulous. It is really a yeast bread that does not require as much kneading as some other standard loaves. Usually, as well, a rustic loaf includes a lovely combination of herbs, just like this one does. And that means a few things to the loaf. First, the smell of the loaf as it rises and bakes will drive you crazy. The scent is incomparable. Second, the herbs add a beautiful color, taste and texture to the loaf, so it will get eaten up as soon as it comes from the oven. Third, it is just fabulous to eat! And works with just about any thing you might be planning for dinner.

Try this loaf out. The herbs include chives, dill and basil, a nice combination. Other combinations that are also delicious include chives (or very finely chopped onion), rosemary and thyme. Or think up any combination that you like, and try it out. Black pepper is also terrific in bread, too. Bread is easy to make, but it can be somewhat time consuming. That is how rustic loaves can be a good choice, too, because they require a lot less time and attention than other loaves. Check out the photo of the loaf made by the web site creator and blogger, Janet’ Appalachian kitchen, and you will see how lovely and casually shaped the loaf is. That is part of the attraction of this kind of bread.

One way to make this loaf even prettier is to sprinkle the top with something, before you bake it. That could mean brushing the top of the loaf with egg white, water, or butter, and then sprinkling it with raw oats, as one example. This just adds a bit of texture and appeal to the loaf. Or, once the loaf comes out of the oven, generously spread melted butter all over it, top, sides and bottom. This step seals the loaf, keeping air out, and moisture in. Of course, since these loaves usually get eaten in minutes, keeping the loaf fresh is not usually a concern. In any case, enjoy this easy to make, and lovely to eat, loaf of bread.

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