Rustic Sweet Cornbread with Honey Butter

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This is a terrific recipe for Rustic Sweet Cornbread with Honey Butter. This recipe is for sweet cornbread, meaning that sugar is included as part of the recipe. Some recipes do not include sugar, and that produces a surprising difference in the flavor of the corn bread. Both variations are fabulous, but there is plenty of debate about whether “real” corn bread includes sugar or not. Try making corn bread both ways and see which type your family enjoys the most. Then make the kind that will bring them to the table to gobble their dinner!

Corn bread is a lovely quick bread that is absolutely fabulous with honey butter. Of course, honey butter is simply what the names implies, honey mixed with butter. If you have your own bees and hives, then this can be a super treat, but even with commercial honey, it is a great taste. Serve corn bread while it is warm for best results and smear each piece with thick gobs of butter and honey. Yum. This is a pretty easy dish to make, although this recipe does have you bake it one way. The recipe recommends that you heat a cast iron fry pan, load the bottom with melted butter, and then add the corn bread dough to the pan. From there, the mixture goes in the oven to finish cooking. This is one way to make corn bread, and how it gets the “rustic” in its title, Rustic Sweet Cornbread with Honey Butter.

Corn bread can also just be baked in a regular pan in the oven. It will take a bit longer, but be just as delicious. The crust will be a bit more tender, but that is also okay. If you do not own a cast iron fry pan, the oven approach will work just fine. Try this recipe soon, and do not skip out on the honey butter!

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