Salad Snack On A Stick

Photo Credit: Barefeet In The Kitchen

Looking for a fun new way to serve and eat salad? Try out this recipe for Salad Snack On A Stick! Yes eat your salad off of a stick! There are all sorts of salads out there these days and it is always a very popular item to bring to a dinner party or a potluck. Everyone usually will have a little salad with their meal, especially if they know how good it is for them! Having a salad with every meal is a great way to get your greens, the green leafy vegetables that are so high in nutrients and so good for you!

These salads on sticks are a great and nice looking way to serve salads at a party, as an appetizer so that everyone has something they like. Some people like to have a healthier option like a salad when they are out, but at a party it isn't the most glamorous thing to eat while you are trying to stand and have a conversation, its more for a dinner party or when you eat out at a restaurant. So these salad sticks would make it easier to eat the things you would have in a salad, but in a neater way!

You could put anything you want on these salad sticks, but the author at Barefeet In The Kitchen, has used a variety of nice bite sized foods that are colorful and appealing. These would be super fun for kids too, they could dress them up as they liked! Head over to 'Barefeet In The Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for this recipe and more!

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