Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy Comfort Food

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The best comfort meal is usually one that you have loved since you were a kid and it should bring back memories of a special time. Food ideas can begin with a special memory of a great meal you once had. Whenever you are considering the best family recipes they usually go back to your childhood when your grandma or mom would make her special meal. They say that our senses are the best way to jog our memory and they say that scent is the strongest trigger for memories. If that is the case then that is probably why food has always been best remembered by the smells associated with the specific dish. This comfort meal from Pam is a great way to incorporate ground beef into your meal choices. Salisbury steak sounds like such a decadent meal but it is primarily hamburger, meatloaf or any other dish you can think of made with ground beef and formed into a shape and having gravy bathed over it. The best family recipes can include a Salisbury streak option since it is easy to make and quite delicious. Food ideas should inspire you to new ideas that come from old classics. Like if you love Salisbury steak then consider making it with ground chicken.

When you decide to cook a dish like this recipe from Pam for Salisbury Steak then always try to add your own personal touch to the meal to make it your own personal take on the recipe. This recipe from Pam allows for you to use a canned or powder gravy. That is ok and will give you the gravy in an easy and almost effortless way. If you are feeling confident and have some extra time then consider making your own gravy that you can easily store in the freezer for a later date. If you are ever searing any meat or are roasting any meat in the oven then always try to reserve the wonderful juices that gather at the bottom of your pan or roasting dish. You can easily take the juices and store them in the freezer for a later date. Once you are prepared to use them all you have to do is add your favorite liquid and that could be the stock that coincided with the drippings you have saved, Take the liquid you decide on and start to heat it up with the drippings and add a little flour and milk, preferably keep the milk at room temperature, and slowly heat this up adding your favorite spices and within a few minutes the gravy will thicken and be ready to be used. Always try to save any drippings or even the fat from the bacon you prepare since they make great flavorful additions to many different recipes.

This recipe from Pam is a great way for you to experiment with spices you feel will be a good fit with beef. She adds cremini mushrooms but most any mushroom will work in this recipe. Thanks to Pam of For the Love of Cooking Blog for this yummy Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy Comfort Food Recipe and bon apetit.

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