Salt dough easter eggs - so fun & easy to make with the kids

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This salt dough easter eggs DIY idea is a fun thing for kids and adults to try. Easter is a lovely holiday to celebrate the beginning of spring, and this colorful salt dough recipe is a great way to decorate you holiday projects. Before you know it, Easter will be here, and this easy DIY idea is a fun project to do. This diy idea is a nice way to use bright colors, such as pastels, and anything with some lovely spring green. But with that said, you can also try this project to do any time of the year, for holidays, parties and more. You could also use this DIY idea for a fun thing for kids to do when it's raining outside. Salt dough can be made into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Once the salt dough is baked to being thoroughly dry, the salt dough is hard and can last for years. The salt dough is also paintable which makes this DIY idea all the more fun. You might want to use these salt dough easter eggs for the tradition of an Easter Tree, with branches to hang eggs, colorful designs and bunnies. This fun thing for kids to do could be made to hang inside or outside, with the simple addition of spray paint or clear spray paint sealer.

For this DIY idea for salt dough Easter eggs, you will need one or two batches of salt dough, a rolling pin, ruler, egg shape cutter, spatula, a straw, parchment-paper covered baking sheets, spray or acrylic paint, paint pens, clear coat sealer, twine, and ribbon. Stir together all three ingredients until a nice dough forms. Kneading the salt dough a couple of times can help to make the dough smoother. Roll the dough out and cut out the desired shapes. Once the ornament shapes are adequately baked, dried and then thoroughly cooled, you can start to paint them. Spray paint is recommended because it’s faster and easier, but acrylics also work just as well. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry. You can then use paint pens to add in some polka dots or lines of decorations to the Easter eggs. And to further protect the color and the design of the eggs, you can add a clear coat sealer.

One advantage to this diy idea for making salt dough ornaments is that you most likely already have all the supplies you need in your kitchen. All you need to get your Easter ornaments going is some all purpose flour, salt, and water. It’s a great diy idea for those days when you just aren’t quite sure what to do with the kids or adults. No special craft materials or equipment are required. Just mix, cut, bake and then decorate the ornaments. When it comes to salt dough ornaments, you might wonder what makes this dough so special. Well, there are a number of reasons. First, with salt dough, the large volume of salt helps to make this dough not-so-tasty, which is a good thing when you have the kids helping you, and they are determined to take a sample taste of the diy idea and craft project. Secondly, and probably most importantly, salt is an excellent preservative for this ornament idea. The types of ornaments you can make with this simple DIY idea and recipe are endless, and only limited by your imagination.

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