Salt Potatoes

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If you love potatoes, there's really nothing better than a soft and buttery potato. These smooth, creamy and salty potatoes will make you forget any other method of making boiled potatoes because of how perfect they turn out every time. Potatoes seem to make an appearance in most European and American cuisines. Many of the American potatoes recipes actually come from recipes brought over by our ancestors from Europe. When times were tough, people would always turn to potatoes as the perfect food to feed a whole family without costing them too much money. Potatoes are very easy to grow in pretty much any type of soil and any climate which made them even more desirable to less well-off families throughout the years. Since meat was often expensive, as well as some vegetables, potatoes made the great addition to any meal, stew, or soup. They were even eaten on their own just as we still do today. There are other potatoes recipes like perogies that include potato filling inside along with cheese and other savoury ingredients like onions and bacon. Some of the different ways to cook potatoes that have developed over the years include mashed potatoes, which you could also use this recipe for. There are roasted potatoes too, which are always full of flavour and perfect for topping with butter and salt. Baked potatoes are an American favourite with all of the toppings including sour cream, butter, chives, cheese and bacon bits.

Sometimes, just a plain and simple potato is great too. That's what these salt potatoes are all about. Apparently, salt potatoes are very common in Upstate New York, and people take their salt potatoes very seriously according to Mary of Barefeet In The Kitchen. She tried out a recipe for salted potatoes recommended by a friend of her's who has really good taste in good food. Once Mary tried this method for cooking potatoes, she says she will never do it any other way again. The result of boiling the potatoes in this way she shares with us makes the potatoes super creamy with the perfect amount of salt. The reason the potatoes turn out so perfect using this method is that using extra salt in your water will cause it to boil at a higher temperature which helps the potatoes cook all the way through. Then, when they are drained and dried, they also have a light layer of salt on the skin which makes biting into them heavenly.

All you really need for this recipe are some potatoes and sea salt. You can use small or large potatoes, but she recommends using white potatoes for the full creamy effect. Also, use sea salt or Himalayan salt if you have it on hand. This type of salt has so many trace minerals in it that will be infused into these potatoes making them even healthier for you. So before you try any other different ways to cook potatoes, try this method and see how wonderfully your potatoes turn out. Whenever you're using potatoes in a recipe, try and use organic potatoes as they are one of the vegetables that the Environmental Working Group lists in their Dirty Dozen. This means that non-organic potato crops use a lot of chemicals and pesticides to ward off invasive pests, but these chemicals also get on our food and aren't the healthiest to consume. Try finding organic potatoes at your local farmer's market or grocery store. Or, you can try growing organic potatoes at home in your own garden. They are very easy to grow, and there are many different varieties you can try.***

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