Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies -The Ultimate LA Cookie

Photo Credit: Kevin & Amanda

This great recipe for Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies looks like one to share. Just look at the amount of chocolate and the size of those cookies!

So how did the cookies get that fat? These cookies are baked in a Muffin-Top Pan. If that is new to you as well, then let me tell you about it. The one that was easily found on the featured site went to a Cuisinart Product. The pan is about 11x7-inches in size, made with a nonstick interior and exterior. It is oven safe to 450F, and dishwasher safe and has a 6-cup muffin TOP baking area. There are likely lots of varieties of the pan out there. It seems there are so many baking tools these days, and it is alway fun to discover just how a certain dessert got to be the shape it is. It helps those of us that are not 'up on' the large variety of shapes available to bake in. It also helps in removing some of the 'How Did the Baker Do That Mystery"? The other thing it does is it says 'You Can Do It Too!!!' You just need the correct baking vessel.

The ingredients in these cookies are obviously what makes them The Ultimate LA cookie. We are talking about ingredients like burnt caramel sauce, good quality chocolate cut up into chunks and real butter. Not only that, top it all up with a little salt, and this is a cookie that is going to be eaten pretty much as quickly as they come out of the oven.

The beautifully photographed and illustrated recipe including all the ingredients and instructions can be found on our featured website which is 'Kevin & Amanda' and the link is easy to access just below. Enjoy!

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