Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee

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Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee has plenty of goodness to offer that goes beyond its simple yumminess. Dark chocolate has lots of anti-oxidants and some of the most unique and important ones you could consume. Almonds are chock full of vitamins and minerals as well as more anti-oxidants. In addition, almonds slow down the blood’s absorption of sugar and so can keep away sugar spikes when you eat sweet foods. The French, culinary experts when it comes to sweets, often include ground almonds, and eat their sweets in very small quantities. One wonders whether the secret of the almond’s ability to delay sugar absorption has been known in that (slim) culture for many years.

This dish combines dark chocolate and almonds in a toffee crunch. It goes without saying that the kids (and the big kids) will be lined up for this treat to be ready. Be sure to use unsalted almonds for the mixture because you are adding salt to the top. With both salted almonds and sea salt together, this snack would just be too salty. And while you might be able to stomach something too sweet, eating over salted food is almost impossible. So watch the salt.

Since almonds, sea salt and chocolate are the main ingredients, and practically the only ones, be sure to get very high quality ones. Cheap flavor will show through, and there is no point in going to all the trouble that toffee takes to make it right if you are using ingredients that will not show case your own culinary skill. Get the kids to help; just do not let them sprinkle the salt. That could be disastrous! Enjoy this recipe soon.

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