Samoa Brownies

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Who doesn't love homemade brownie recipes? Here is a fabulously decadent recipe for Samoa Brownies that will keep you coming back for more. If you have been scouring the internet for the best brownie recipe, look no further, because this samoa brownies recipe could be one of the best homemade brownie recipes you can find. Brownies are one of those dessert recipes that can almost always satisfy any dessert craving you have been having. These Samoa Brownies take the original easy brownie recipe to the next level of awesomeness, adding in a layer of dulce de leche and some coconut flakes, with even more chocolate sauce drizzled over top. These brownies are wild and packed with so much flavour which makes them one of the best brownie recipes out there.

Brownies are a fairly new recipe that came around in the 1800s. They originated in the United States and continue to be a favourite all around the world. One story that talks about the invention of the brownie recipe traces the brownie recipe back to Bertha Palmer. Bertha was the wife of the man who owned the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. In 1893, Bertha went to a pastry chef and requested to have some small pastries like a cake packed into the lunches of the women attending the World's Columbian Exposition. The result was a denser, thicker and fudge like square that included walnuts and an apricot glaze. The recipe was eventually offered on the dessert menu at the hotel restaurant and the patrons absolutely loved them. Then, the first brownie recipe was printed in the cookbook by Frannie Farmer called Boston Cooking-School Cook Book in 1896, just three years after the Palmer Hotel started serving them. Brownie recipes have just kept grown in popularity ever since.

The brownie recipe used to contain molasses as well, to give them that denser texture that was quite chewy. But the brownies these days don't tend to have molasses in them, now they have melted chocolate in them among all of the other cake like ingredients. So if the ingredients of a brownie are so similar to a cake, then why weren't they just considered to be chocolate cake? Well, even though the flavour of chocolate cake and chocolate brownies can be quite similar, it is in the texture that they are different. The change in texture is the result of not adding any baking powder and baking soda to the recipe like you would to a chocolate cake. The baking powder and baking soda ingredients in a cake recipe is what makes the cake have some aeration, and is what makes a cake so nice and light and fluffy.

Also, brownies don't usually have icing on top of them like a cake recipe would. This is because the consistency of the brownie is already quite rich and creamy as it is, it might even taste like the icing is a part of a brownie already. This easy brownie recipe from My Incredible Recipes includes the bottom layer being the brownie layer, which is baked, and then a creamy, sweet layer of dulce de leche with some roasted coconut is layered on top, with some melted chocolate chips drizzled on top. A piece of this delectable dessert recipe would be amazing with a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream to top it all off. Thank you so much to Lisa from My Incredible Recipes food blog for this wonderful Samoa Brownie recipe that we can all enjoy at home. Check out more of the great recipes on her website that you can try out yourself.**

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