Samoa Cookie Dip

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This is such a quick and easy recipe that once you have the coconut toasted you can hand off the rest of the operation to the kids for this recipe for Samoa Cookie Dip. This recipe is a matter of assembling ingredients rather than baking anything. And there is no baking involved, beyond the toasting of the coconut, mentioned above. So this is a really easy dish for the kids to make, or your aspiring baker. It is an especially sweet dish that could be used to dip just about anything that goes with some thing sweet. And since this dish has a combination of cream cheese, chocolate, and nuts, the options are wide open. Chopped fruit would also work well here, including apples, bananas, kiwi and other similar choices.

The recipe suggests cookies to dip in this Samoa Cookie Dip. That could work, of course, and you might choose from a range of options including graham wafers, vanilla wafers or any other such cookie that you think you and your family could enjoy with this dip. The dip offers a combination of tang from the cream cheese and the richness of chocolate, with a bit of coconut as a finishing flavor. So what ever you think could work here, try it out. Other options might also include left over cake, especially just vanilla. Or perhaps you have some puff pastry. If you make it up fresh and just break it up in to chunks, it could be great for dipping purposes.

This is such an easy dish to make, and one that will be quite sweet. The kids, of course, will love that. As well, they will enjoy the chunkiness of the dip from the coconut and the contrasting fluffiness of the dip from all the cream cheese and whipped cream that is in it. They can likely also make it themselves, with very little help, once the coconut is toasted. So let the kids make it themselves some day very soon, while you sit with your feet up on the couch. Enjoy!

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