Saucy Meatball Crescent Cups

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This Saucy Meatball Crescent Cups recipe will help to fill up the tummies of your guests that you serve them to, or your kids and family if you are making this great meal (or snack or appetizer) for them. And this recipe is super easy, so much so that the kids, even the littlest ones, can practically make this Saucy Meatball Crescent Cups recipe by themselves. Well, not quite, but since pretty much every step is more one of assembly than any baking or cooking, these little meatballs do come together very quickly and easily.

This saucy meatball crescent cups recipe begins with the prepackaged crescent cups, which you just pull out and separate from each other. Then put one in to each muffin tin. Pop in a meatball inside each crescent piece, a step that the kids can help you out by doing for you, and you are practically done. A little jelly sauce mixture is poured on top of each meatball, a step that might require an adult hand or at least, adult guidance to ensure not too much gets on each one of these crescent cups, and then bake the whole thing. Be sure to remove these snacks from the muffin tins before they cool off and any spilled jelly sauce causes them to stick. So only let the crescent cups sit for a very few minutes, until they are just something less than quite hot, and then use a knife to trace around the outside of the crescent dough and lift the little cups out of the pan. Serve these snacks warm for best flavor.

This is just such a quick and easy treat that you could make this saucy meatball crescent cups recipe whenever you want to have a few of them in only a very few minutes. And since the kids will be happy to help in order to get this snack made for themselves, too, you may have very little to do, indeed. This meatball crescent cup recipe is also a great appetizer or just a good snack that you can serve whenever friends might come over. And since the entire thing is made from packaged frozen foods, you can just keep the ingredients in the freezer for whenever you might have need of them. Then just pull out the meatballs and make up the recipe. It is only a few minutes work (and not really work, at all) before you pop them in the oven and make them up. This saucy meatballs crescent cups recipe is a great time saver, and can really help to fill hungry visitors when they drop by unexpectedly. So keep this recipe bookmarked to use when needed.

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