Sauerkraut and Sausage

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We are all headed to Germany and we can thank Judy and her recipe for magically transporting us there. A great meat definition is when you hear the butcher tell you the meat is AAA grade and naturally fed. That is not something we hear everyday anymore but if you are diligent you can still find livestock that is fed in a natural way with grain based feed. Dinner ideas with meat are great since you get your protein but for those of us that don’t eat meat there is always other ways to get protein in our system. This is a delicious potato recipe that is made in a slow cooker and another or many great dinner ideas with meat but can also be made in a good stockpot or can also be cooked in the oven in a sturdy baking dish. That is the beauty of recipes. They allow for changes in ingredients and also for cooking methods.

A delicious potato recipe can be one that is as easy as this one to make or more involved but either way spuds are great additions to many meals as a side or as with this one a part of the main. The best meat definition is when meat is defined as a food that offers protein and nutritional value. Judy brings us another of many dinner ideas with meat as the center point.Sausages that are made for consumption today are mainly meat that is ground and has spices and different ingredients added to it and then encased in the intestines or different animals. The most used intestine is usually the cow but you are not limited to only that choice. Depending on where in the world you go many different animal intestines are used. That is not the original way sausages were made since in the beginning when meat was first chosen to be encased in a vessel you might be surprised on how that was done.

The early humans would make a sausage type offering that is closely but not totally like the ones of today. In those long gone days of the past it was done by roasting intestines and putting them in stomachs and cooking them. This is the exact opposite of our modern sausage making techniques. The recipes for sausage making today consist of different types of meat being encased in the intestines. Both ways have their own merits but the latter is more palatable for our current day and age. That is not to say that the old method has been done away with. Stomachs are still used today to encase meats and one recipe that uses the old method is Scottish Haggis This is a mixture of brain and other vital sheep organs encased in the stomach and cooked together with spices, mullet and veggies.This wonderful and easy to make recipe from Judy gives sausages and potatoes a traditional German home cooking method. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy Sauerkraut and Sausage Recipe and bon apetit.**

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