Sausage Jambalaya

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Sausage Jambalaya is a Cajun meal that will leave you wanting more, even when you are full. There is something about Cajun cooking that is just so fabulous you cannot resist it, no matter what is being made. Every single dish you eat is knock you down dee-lish. And this Sausage Jambalaya is no exception. All great Cajun dishes begin with the trio of onions, celery and green peppers. This incredible combination—although simple—creates a fantastic starting point for many incredible Cajun dishes. A roux, sometimes cooked to a deep, rich brown color, often follows. Here the recipe uses a Dutch oven to achieve its effects, so a roux is not part of the recipe. That skipped step also makes this dish much quicker and easier to come together.

Cajun and creole food are really the same. Some people differentiate Cajun as the food from the deep rural south whereas the creole comes from the urban areas, but this distinction is more mythical than real. Regardless of what you call it, be sure to pick up all the spices that this recipe called for. Take the time to search them out, or even order them on line if you must. But don’t skip one. Part of the secret to fabulous Cajun lies in the extraordinary combination of seasonings that make every dish so deep with flavor. This sausage jambalaya is no exception. So take the time to make this dish according to the great directions on the website, and really capture the flavor of New Orleans and all things Cajun.

This is a fantastic and simplified version of Jambalaya (the original dish includes sausage, chicken, ham, and shrimp, at the least, and a deep and rich roux) that will give you the flavor of the foods from the deepest southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. You may never go back!

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