Say YES to these YUMMY Baked Avocado Fries

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Here is a great chance to try a Baked Avocado Fries with Garlic Homemade Aioli recipe that you and the family will just love. And since this fries recipe is made using avocado you just know that it is a delicious and super nutritious food that you are preparing to make and give to your family. So you can be very glad about this recipe, and make lots of this avocado fries and aioli recipe for them for dinner tonight. And if you have kids in the house or people coming to dinner tonight who are sensitive to dairy, you do not need to worry. This avocado and aioli recipe is entirely dairy free. So go ahead and make plenty to share with diary eaters and non dairy eaters alike. Everyone will enjoy this nutritious and delicious treat.

This avocado fries recipe is a real twist on a very old classic. French fries began as the term, French fry. That is because the original meaning and reference may have been to fishermen who fried their fish and ate it. The development of other items that were fried came later, but frying as a means to prepare food is at least from the early 1600s. Today, French fries means a lot of things, especially potatoes that are cut in long strips and then cooked in oil. Even that broad definition covers a lot of ground. French fries are usually served hot, generally crispy although more often today, they are also served soft. French fries are more often served at lunch or dinner or as a late afternoon or even evening snack, as opposed to eating them for breakfast. Some people swear by French fries as the cure to a hang over. They can be cut lots of ways, from long and thin shoe strings to the thicker potatoes that are more often known as chips. French fries are considered a fast food, and you will almost always find them at a fast food restaurant that also serves chicken, beef or even fish. They come salted usually, and may have mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar, or a whole host of other toppings, depending on the country and the region that you are in. More recently, sweet potato fries have become popular, in part because they are baked, not fried, and so a bit lower in fat and calories, but also because they just taste great.

This avocado fry twist is a great one if you are watching your weight, want to eat more healthy food, or if you are sensitive to dairy products. Any of these reasons is a great one to try this delicious snack today. Enjoy it with your kids and family.

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