Scalloped Corn Casserole

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Corn is always a welcome addition to any dinner! Especially when it is all done up in this Scalloped Corn Casserole! Like scalloped potatoes, this corn dish is an awesome variation of a corn side dish. What a great and easy thing to take to a potluck or dinner party to have as a side, or even make at home and eat it as a whole meal. Kids would be big fans of this one too, and you probably wouldn't hear much complaining from them at the dinner table if you made this casserole, just utensils scraping the plate and requests for another serving!

The corn is baked with crackers, cheese and bacon to give it that savoury, salty flavour that everyone loves to have. Bacon and cheese can do no wrong any how, and always taste so good together especially with the corn in there! You could even use fresh corn on the cob and shave it off of the cob to use right away in this recipe. There are even some more veggies hidden in here besides the corn that your kids won't even know they are eating! So you can get them some more veggies in their diet!

Casseroles are such an awesome way to use up leftovers, like bacon from the weekend, if there is ever any left that is, or you can make some more just for this recipe. You also use some of the bacon grease for this recipe so you don't have to throw it all away. It would be a very satiating meal to say the least! You can even make it ahead of time and freeze it for future dinners, or if you are going to a potluck, make it on the day before and cook it the day of the potluck. Head over to 'The Southern Lady Cooks' by following the link below for more!

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